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Talent suite

Identify, Engage and Retain - The case for talent

An effective talent management system helps you hold on to talented employees, build on their strengths, reward their accomplishments, provide them with advancement opportunities and increase their overall effectiveness. In a nutshell, enabling you to put the right people, in the right roles, at the right time to maximise business opportunities.

And it’s not always about promotion; talented people appreciate using their talents to add value to a business and that can be a powerful motivator.

Talent Suite in a Nutshell

Consultations, workshops & a web-based Information Management System (IMS)

  • Talent Suite is a talent management system designed to: identify, develop and engage the talents in your organisation and
  • ensure those activities work smoothly together, aligned with the organisation’s strategic goals
  • fully supported by web-based IMS

An essential part of managing talent is the ability to accurately identify it. Talent Suite incorporates talent identification workshops and talent biographies to draw out untapped potential. Through owning and managing their own talent biographies, employees engage fully with the process and feel more valued by the organisation.

In our experience, the most effective talent programmes take an inclusive approach, recognising that everyone has natural talents which, when mobilised, can add significant value to them and the organisation.

Our Talent Methodology

  • Identify the scope of the talent initiative
  • Clarify the requirements and parameters of talent specific to your company
  • Develop and Implement an integrated talent process, pacing your current and future strategic policy
  • Capture and Manage the flow of information online
  • Hand-over and provide ongoing support

Your Starting Point

Our initial Scope phase involves asking some vital questions, such as:

  • What is your business case for talent?
  • What are the key outcomes you expect to achieve?
  • How do you define talent?
  • Your answers help us to define your talent strategy, which drives the design of your talent management system and sets your business on the path to making the most of your talented people.



    Talent Suite Wheel

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