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Product suite

Talent Suite

Performance Suite
Three sophisticated development programmes for all layers of management, from fledgling to eagle.

Pro Minds - for new and aspiring managers
Start as you mean to go on. This fast track system delivers the principles and practices of exceptional management through a series of structured best practice modules. You choose any or all and learn the mindsets that enable you to think and act like a pro manager.

Executive Minds
Individually tailored development programmes for managers and directors. You already know the management ropes; you've got the principles and practices of management under your belt. It's not the content you need but the enhanced processes of business leadership. Here you'll find a suite of tools, strategies and applications to accelerate your progress.

Corporate Minds
Transformational coaching for senior executives, directors and business leaders. People look upward for guidance on styles and practices to adopt. Your behaviours as an organisational leader set the corporate standards. At this level, it's often inappropriate for you to attend in-company development programmes. You may not have access to a sounding board or peer group support. Corporate Minds offers you experienced, objective support and in-depth personal development. We'll explore your underlying belief structures, values, unconscious motivations and their effects on business.

Performance Consultancy
Strategic development for your business addressing performance improvements in line with wider organisational needs. Our consultancy process employs rigorous analysis and full reporting.

  • Culture enhancement
  • Leading and managing change
  • Generating team cohesion
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Enhancing your training function
  • Vision & values development and deployment




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